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Are You Using Your Benefits?

Are You Using Your Benefits?

It’s a new year and a new opportunity to tap those benefits for everything they’re worth.

By: Gail Vaz-Oxlade for MoneySense

I’ve been self-employed since I was 25-years-old—read: “no benefits.” For years I’ve listened to people talk about how great it is to work for a company “with benefits.” So I’m sometimes a little surprised to see the very people who crow about having access to the extras do very little to take advantage of them. Do you have a benefit plan where you work? Are you using all the stuff you could be using to your advantage?

The most obvious benefit people leave on the table is the savings-matching program many companies offer. You stick 4% of your income into the retirement plan and your company comes up with another 2%. That’s free money. Walking away from it is like turning down a raise.

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