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Life Stages

Can life in a nursing home be made uplifting and purposeful?

Here’s a charming read about how one innovative nursing home turned things around at their facility.





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Caring for Aging Parents

Canadians aged 85 and over represent the fastest-growing segment of the senior population. Start thinking about how you’ll care for your loved ones in this age group.

By Gail Vaz-Oxlade | for www.MoneySense.ca

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Tying the Knot

Marriage is the coming together of two separate lives, but it’s also the coming together of two separate financial histories and situations.

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Start a family conversation about elder care

By David Wm. Brown and Sarah Brown

Starting a conversation about someone’s age is a sure way to be the least popular person in the room. But while this is a no-go territory for cocktail party chatter, it’s a conversation you need to have with your parents.

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Boomers worried about healthcare costs in retirement

A national study of Canadians with more than $100,000 in investable assets shows that worry over healthcare needs has emerged as the second most important driver, behind retirement itself.

Among investors under 50, 34% identify healthcare as a priority compared with the average of 46% of all respondents, but even among this younger group, healthcare needs emerge as a significant rationale for investments.

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Protect your personal finances during divorce

By Carla Hindman, Director of Financial Education, Visa Canada

Divorce is often referred to as the No. 2 most stressful life event, second only to death of a spouse. And no wonder: Besides its obvious emotional impact, getting divorced can also be a financial nightmare as you’re forced to deal with nagging details like separating your finances, acquiring your own health insurance and deciding who will claim the kids as tax deductions.

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What to do after selling your business

The contract is signed. The cheque is cashed. Your business has been sold or you’ve been given a golden handshake. Now what?

It’s a question many former company owners have a tough time answering. Whether you’re looking to sail around the world, start a new enterprise, or spend time with your family, you must now figure out what to do with your money—and with your life.

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Twelve key documents you need to gather

By Brenda Spiering, Editor,BrighterLife.ca

Can you imagine what would happen if you died and your beneficiaries didn’t know where to find your will? Or your money?

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Prepare for the peak

If you’re like most Canadians, you’ve probably been working for quite some time—in all likelihood, since your early 20s. And, if you were like most people, you probably didn’t earn much in your 20s. That first job (maybe the first few) likely saw you just scraping by.

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Financial Aftermath of Separation

by Lisa McColl for fromyouradvisor.com

Divorce is rarely anything but messy and unpleasant, and sometimes the repercussions can be unexpected. General financial and familial fallout are predictable, but the finer details aren’t. There are many things to consider when guiding your portfolio through this rocky time.

Advisor Complications

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