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Long Term Care

Can life in a nursing home be made uplifting and purposeful?

Here’s a charming read about how one innovative nursing home turned things around at their facility.





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Caring for Aging Parents

Canadians aged 85 and over represent the fastest-growing segment of the senior population. Start thinking about how you’ll care for your loved ones in this age group.

By Gail Vaz-Oxlade | for www.MoneySense.ca

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Long Term Care Insurance Not Just for the Elderly

Whenever the topic of Long Term Care Insurance (LTC) is brought up, most people’s reaction is to automatically assume the discussion is about caring for the elderly. While it is true that LTC coverage is a valuable tool to provide the necessary funds for when we are no longer able to care for ourselves, it should not be overlooked for younger people who are in the prime of their earning years but are unable to purchase the amount of disability insurance that they desire.

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Start a family conversation about elder care

By David Wm. Brown and Sarah Brown

Starting a conversation about someone’s age is a sure way to be the least popular person in the room. But while this is a no-go territory for cocktail party chatter, it’s a conversation you need to have with your parents.

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Relocating to Facilitate Caregiving

Being a long-distance caregiver for an extended period of time can be stressful and place a heavy burden on all areas of your life. One of your first reactions may be to minimize the distance and move your family member to where you live or uproot your life and move to where they live. Before you make this decision, consider first whether this move may be more disruptive and stressful for everyone involved than caregiving from a distance.

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Long Term Care Insurance

  • What is long-term care insurance?
  • Should I consider it as one method to help fund my care-years?
  • What to ask when considering purchasing a long-term care insurance policy?
  • Which companies in our country offer this product?
  • Are there other resources one can turn to for further information?
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Seniors: Put late-life health care costs before your kids’ inheritance

There are many issues to consider regarding living long lives. Do parents plan to pass all assets to children? Do children encourage parents to spend it all? Is there a happy medium?

Please click on the link to read more about this.

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Recover Your Long Term Care Costs

Will your family be affected by the costs of caring for an aging loved one?

Statistics Canada states over 350,000 Canadians 65 or older and 30% of those older than 85 will reside in long term care facilities. With increasing poor health and decreased return on investments, the fear of facing financial instability in your declining years is real.

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